lately i’m liking all things in white.. been wanting to change my blackberry case to white.. but unfortunately can’t find casing for my curve 8320.. apparently it’s like an antique in here.. nobody is using it anymore.. anyway.. a few of white beauties that i’ve found..

look at the white porcelain giraffe.. isn’t it the cutest.. i can imagine putting it on the shelve next to my books..

love the combination of white and turquoise especially on the saucers.. cute right?! something to put in mind for decorating my new room.. hee~

look at this beautiful mosaic.. i would love this for my bathroom floor.. wouldn’t it be nice to have something amazing like this to stare at while doing your ‘business’? love the detailing on it.. good job on whoever the designer is! ^^

*images taken from here and here..


okay.. so my house has been on renovation since last year.. it’s done now.. only the furniture is not.. now, it’s my parents’ house.. so i don’t really have much to say.. not even for my room.. not that it really matter.. i’ll only be staying there for another one or two years hopefully.. (marry me, ipit! hehehe) anyway, if i can have my way, i really like to have my own library at home..

this would be perfect.. yup, i want the reel steps also.. imagine all the books and eye candy i can put there.. beautiful, right?

*image taken from here

as a child, i used to dream to have a room like this.. you know with the ceiling and everything.. think of the privacy it will give you.. with it on the top floor and everything..

now that I’ve grown up, i still want a room like that.. but i have to be realistic.. being here in Indonesia, i think it’s impossible to have a room like that.. with the weather so hot and humid.. can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like up there.. but if it’s possible, i won’t give second thought to take it.. especially if it looks like this.. well, i might add a 14″ television unit and dvd player.. and a mac book .. then my room will be complete.. :D

and i really want a kitchen like this.. i promise i’ll cook everyday.. :D

some other thing that i like:

all of the pictures above are taken from the house of turquoise, who took it from some other websites.. hehe :D


just plain WOW!

can u see the way she illustrated the scarf? the details are breathtaking! i’m completely speechless.. being an illustrator myself, i admit that i don’t know how to do it. a friend of mine, who’s a fashion designer, said that that’s how fashion illustrators will illustrate their works and they can do it easily! errr.. okay.. anyway, anybody know what program they’re using?

here’s a bit of her work:

another etsy found!

i’m really liking things that can be found in etsy.. this morning i found a seller selling all this cute miniature cake rings.. yup.. miniature cake.. how cute is that?! and  if you head over her etsy store, Papermache, you can see that she has lots of other stuffs too.. animals, roses, trees.. and she’s located in Busan, Korea.. so we apparently can sell stuffs from outside USA.. humm.. it’s something to think about.. ;)

here are some of her stuffs:

okay.. enough with all those cute cute rings and pins.. moving on to a more mature stuffs, let me introduce you to Bagitarian, she makes purse! and she’s also the mother of Papermache. yup.. what a talented family.. :)

here’s some of her stuffs:

you can get this chocolate from Curious Chocolate! unfortunate for me, it’s located in UK.. huhuhu anybody willing to send some for me? hee~!

i love love love chocolate! especially during those time of the month! well, which girl aren’t? haha but imagine the way it melt on your mouth.. and the sweetness.. oh my! have i mention that i love chocolate? i love chocolate!

i got addicted to it more ever since i found this baking blog.. which, by the way, i think is the best baking blog ever! visit bakerella and be stunned! i can’t stop thinking that she’s doing all those beautiful, mouth watering cake pops and cupcakes just for the fun of it! she should get into business! i’m sure orders will start piling!

here are some pictures of her work:

isn’t it just so adorable? okay, maybe my picture doesn’t interest you.. (i don’t have time to wait while the page load, and you see my boss keeps coming in and out of the room, which make it worst) but head up to her site.. i’m sure you won’t regret it..

wow.. i’ve never know about the etsy shop until recently.. people are actually making business there.. you can almost find everything there (art wise) from cards, cake toppers, necklaces, hair pins (all handmade!), even illustrations.. i’m not sure if we can do business from here in Indonesia.. imagine if somebody from the USA wants to buy our product, the shipping cost will probably be more than the price of the product itself.. haha

anyway, here are a few things that i found: